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Articles adapted from material available elsewhere on the Net are indicated as 'edited'.

1971 - Frank's Worst Year?
An article in 4 parts about the extraordinary events of this year, and why Frank hated Britain.
Part One: Padlocks (2nd Revision, 13 April 97)
Part Two: Fire & Chains (1st Revision, 13 April 97)
Part Three: The Pit of Hell
Part Four: Aftermath (2nd Revision, 13 April 97)
Written by A. Murkin.
An interview from the French Magazine Rock et Folk, June 1980.
Part One discusses Baby Snakes, Blues and Lather.
Part Two deals with Music and Musicians.
Translation by A. Murkin.
The True Story of the LSO
Based on a posting to by David Ocker, who worked with Frank and knows what he's talking about, on the subject of rehearsal, performance and recording with the LSO (London Symphony Orchestra), at the time of the concert at the Barbican, London, in 1983 - and on Frank himself. Editing and HTML by A. Murkin.
The Hall of Fame, Complete
News Stories; the citation text; an interview with Gail; speeches by Moon and Lou Reed, as Frank is inducted into the Hall of Fame, 1995. Editing and HTML by A. Murkin.
Natural Phenomena Named After Frank Zappa
What's New in Baltimore? - A bacterial gene; A Fish Called 'Zappa'; Lonesome Cowboy Nando's jellyfish; a Spider of Destiny; a prehistoric mollusc; and Planet Zappafrank!
Written by A. Murkin.

The Canterbury Scene

Here, you can find stuff on

  1. Canterbury
  2. Egg
  3. Hatfield & the North
  4. National Health

The best place to go for Canterbury Music is Aymeric Leroy's Calyx Canterbury site.

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