"The music on this L.P. is not dancing music, but basically music forlistening to. It is harmonically and rhthmically complex, designed to be asoriginal as possible within the confines of the instrumental line-up; so it'spretty demanding on the listener's attention."
Sleeve note

Recorded at Landsdowne Studios; Engineer:Peter Gallen; Asst Engineer: Les Cunningham
WhileGrowing My Hair recorded at Trident Studios; Engineer:Roy Thomas Baker
Produced by Egg
Released: 1970
Label: Deram (NovaSeries)
Cat. No. SDN 14


Dave Stewart (organ, piano, tonegenerator [made by Bill La Chenal])
Mont Campbell (bass, vocals)
CliveBrooks (drums)


Side One

  1. Bulb (Gallen) (0.09)
  2. While Growing My Hair (Campbell, Stewart,Brooks) (3.53)
  3. I Will Be Absorbed(Campbell, Stewart, Brooks) (5.10)
  4. Fugue in D Minor (Bach,arr Egg) (2.46)
  5. They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano . .. (Campbell, Stewart, Brooks) (1.17)
  6. The Song of McGillicudie the Pusillanimous(or Don't worry James, Your Socks Are Hanging in the Coal Cellar withThomas) (Campbell, Stewart, Brooks) (5.07)
  7. Boilk(Campbell, Stewart, Brooks) (1.00)

Side Two

"While Growing My Hair exploits some of the rhythmicpossibilities of the traditional 6/8, including the properties of syncopationwhich has made it a stock jazz rhythm.
I Will Be Absorbed hasvaried moods; the peacefully secure rhythms and harmonies in 9/4 and 7/4contrast with the heavier, more neurotic 13/8 middle section with its chordalbuild-ups and anticlimaxes. The subject is the unattainable; the ideal,mysterious music that all true musicians seek.
Fugue. Some ofthe famous Toccata & Fugue in D Minor (adapted).
McGillicudie the Pusillanimous etc is a fast-movingimprovisation song in 5.8 constructed on the chord of F Minor.
Symphony 2
Movement 1 is a vehicle for organimprovisation in different rhythms and harmonic bases, one of them theHall of the Mountain King by Greig set off by a rhythmic/melodicfigure in 9/4.
Movement 2 is concerned with the treatment of atheme basically in 5/4 including drum 'solo' interludes and an improvisation onthe tone generator.
Movement 3 has had to be omitted from thisrecord due to copyright difficulties.
The last Movement is a framework fordrum + bass solo with an atonal theme.
Sleeve Note


As printed on the album sleeve

while growing my hair
growing my hair
heard a strange air
on a frenchhorn
all shaven and shorn
blow your thing do your mind
come on inwaters fine
freak and shout laugh about
make sure youre not left out
thats what you have to do
if you want to be one of the few
just out of school
felt such a fool
i do it wrong
didn't belong
blow your thing etc
covered in ink
had time to think
here for a time
blow your thing etc


i will be absorbed
half of the time ispend thinking alone
while im working out songs or just
lying in thesun
the magical sound that i long to express
always just out of reachof my
groping hands
like the wanton muse
beckoning to me
vanishes before
i can see her face
how many times has a transientdawns
beauty faded away before you understand
and a woman whose smileis a
lingering song
bringing tears to your eyes though you dont know
like a fragrant light moves before your eyes
a million milesaway
never to return
wafting past from my childhood
hazy thoughtsand sensations
these must hold the key to my life
i always find thoseindefinite things
if i manage to touch them they
turn into stone
and the quality that kept me following them is
only a sound that i
knew all the time
if i ever find
what im looking for
i will beabsorbed and
never write again


the song of mcgillicudie the pusillanimous or dontworry james your socks are hanging in the coal cellar with thomas
where should igo what should i do now that i know i cant get away from youeveryone has something to hide from themselves now its too late to go back goright on i feel so alone
what should i say where should i look isnt itgreat now everythings gone black perfectly safe feel quite well why dont youjust go to hell back where you came from


Transcription and HTML by Andy Murkin

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