The Electric Jazz Band has done some fine work, with their robust reinterpretations of various Andy Murkin compositions (on Flotsam & Jetsam [2004] and Return to Devil's Island [2005]), so we thought they deserved an album of their own - and here it is! Recorded partly live, partly in the studio, and ably assisted by the Midland Symphony Orchestra, Fortspring is proud to present a full-length, original new work entitled Caravan.

Caravan is divided neatly into four parts, neatly entitled Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.

Part I [9.31], assembled in the studio, introduces the Caravan themes.

Part II [15.36], is a live recording in which the band reinterpret the main theme from Part I. Andy plays guitar and the Band Leader performs one of his famous recitations - in this case a poem of Andy's.

Part III [24.10], realised with the assistance of the Fortspring Electronic Studios, illustrates, in part, the gentler side of the Electric Jazz Band. The rhythm tracks are all derived electronically from material recorded for Part I, and treated percussive and natural sounds can be heard in the background. Towards the end, the Guest Theremin Player makes another appearance.

Part IV [5.55], after a short piece for small ensemble, reprises the main theme and conclusion from Part I.

All songs composed, arranged, performed and produced by Andy Murkin.

Cover by Andy Murkin. Hieroglyphs by Al Hudleston.

Fortspring 2006

Fortspring Electronic Studios uses the following programs: fLOW by Karlheinz Essl; Lemur by Kelly Fitz, Bryan Holloway, Bill Walker, Ed Tellman & Lippold Haken; MarcoHack by Marco Pranger; SonicWORX by Prosoniq; SoundHack by Tom Erbe; thOnk by Arjen van der Schoot; TimeToy by Marcel Wierdkx; Wire Tap by Andrew Welch.

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