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1. Goats & Donkeys (Murkin) [0:21]

I happened to be at a nearby farm shop that also houses a small zoo. I wasn't in a hurry to get back to the car, so I followed my ears to this enclosure, housing a collection of miscellaneous talkative goats, and a small group of donkeys. It was feeding time, and this is a very short extract from the recording I made with my iPhone and Zoom iQ6 stereo microphone of the animals enjoying their tea.

2. Sheep may Safely Graze (J.S.Bach/Murkin) [9:06]

There have been several short versions of Bach's Sheep may Safely Graze on previous Andy Murkin albums; this time we have a longer and more elaborate one, with much additional material.

3. Haddenham Steam Rally (Short Version 1) (Murkin) [2:29]

The first of two extracts from recordings I made at the 2022 Haddenham Steam Rally, held in a nearby village, an event celebrating steam powered vehicles and machines, a surprising number of which are still maintained and run by enthusiasts.

4. Birds, Bees, Bells, Clocks and Keys, Pt 4 (Murkin) [5:25]

I wasn't expecting there to be more parts to Birds, Bees, Bells, Clocks and Keys; but some opportunities arose. For example, for many years I had been unable to achieve this 'Pitch Designer' effect, with a now obsolete piece of audio software. Recently, I came across a Mac OS9 emulator that allowed me to use it again. The bell-like tones it creates were perfect for this interpretation of some of the music from the Birds, Bees, Bells, Clocks and Keys tracks on last year's album of that name.

5. Birds, Bees, Bells, Clocks and Keys, Pt 5 (Murkin) [7:12]

This interpretation for live solo guitar was recorded using my recently redesigned 'ambient' pedalboard, including a new ring modulator version of my 'FXBOX' laptop-based guitar effects, which I wrote using the graphic audio app PureData. There is no overdubbing, and the only editing was done to reduce the overall length of the improvised piece. Guitar: H&S-branded Stratocaster-style 12 and 6 string double neck.

6. Birds, Bees, Bells, Clocks and Keys, Pt 6 (Murkin) [6:37]

This piece features the Apple Logic instruments I created from recorders, melodica, xylophones and so on, as used on my recent albums.

7. Haddenham Steam Rally (Short Version 3) (Murkin) [2:36]

A second extract from recordings I made at the 2022 Haddenham Steam Rally.

8. The New Mepal Cow (Murkin) [0:22]

The first time I featured the Mepal Cow (The Sutton Project, FORS 08, 2020), I had to use a mono recording made with just my iPhone. Last year I was in the same vicinity, still with my iPhone, but also with my Zoom iQ6, and was able to achieve a much better result. Again, a very short extract of the impromptu recording I made.

9. Words (Murkin) [18:32] This new version of the track from my first album From Aardvark to Zebra (FORT 01, 2002) was created using the original 4-track demo tapes (the version on From Aardvark to Zebra used 2-track stereo mixes of parts of these demos). This version also has a newly-recorded, extended Part 4, as originally intended. Guitars (in order): 1969 Gibson SG Standard; Unbranded 2020 Stratocaster copy with scalloped frets; Unbranded 2020 EDS 1275 copy customised with Sustainiac Stealth pickup and Maestro-style vibrato.

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