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The Illustrated Tour of Burwell is a comprehensive history of the village of Burwell in Cambridgeshire, England, from pre-history to the present day. With over 150,000 words (about 500 pages) of text and around 600 illustrations - about half in full colour - it proved too big to be published as a book, and has been produced as an Adobe pdf file on CD.

The story of the village is told by means of an imaginary tour round the whole of this large and interesting parish, beginning with the Devil's Dyke and Newmarket Heath on its southern borders, through to the Fens in the very north.

Along the way, the streets, buildings and people of Burwell are described with the help of modern photographs by the author, together with historical pictures from the Cambridgeshire Collection at the Central Library, Cambridge and other sources, building up a unique record of a village with many contrasting facets.

Setting new standards in the quality of local history productions, the Illustrated Tour should prove an invaluable resource to anyone with a connection to Burwell itself or an interest in village history. An attempt has been made not to duplicate works by other authors, and the extensive footnotes and bibliography lead readers to discover other, often neglected, sources for themselves.

The Illustrated Tour is published on PC and Mac-compatible CD-ROM. The Adobe PDF format chosen allows the appearance of a book to be retained, but gives readers the opportunity to adjust the text size for ease of reading, and to zoom in on each page, bringing out all the detail of maps, photographs and illustrations.

Part One includes the Devil's Dyke, Newmarket Heath, Reach, the former railway station and box factory, the lower part of the High Street, St Mary's church, Spring Close and Mandeville, 'Doctor's Corner', Isaacson Road and the Clunch Pits.

Part Two includes the upper part of the High Street, Pound Hill, the Causeway, Ness Road, Ness Toll, Toyse Lane, Silver Street, the Leys, Parsonage Lane, Low Road and Newnham.

Part Three includes North Street, Factory Drove, the Fertilizer Factory and the Brick Factory, the Fens, the Upware Pump House, the Lode, the Weirs, the Hall and Spring Close.

The illustrations above are from Part One of the Illustrated Tour

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